My Ideas

Who am I?

I’ve lived in Ward D for 10 years.
It is a community my family is proud to call home.

My husband and I are raising two kids here and as a parent of children in elementary
school I know first-hand the issues and strengths of Edmonton’s public schools.

I’m a journalist who spent 17 years in newsrooms across Canada. I believe in public service
and have volunteered with community groups, literacy organizations and in my kids’ school.

I’m a hard worker who will listen and speak up on your behalf, and most importantly advocate for your children.


I believe all children should have equal access to a great education.

Schools are the heart of Edmonton neighbourhoods.
Families should have access to high quality community schools.

I am committed to building healthy school communities and encouraging
connections between our schools and our neighbourhoods.

Schools must be welcoming places for all children.
There are vulnerable kids in our schools and their voices deserve respect.

I believe strongly in gay-straight alliances or GSAs.



I’ve been listening to people in Ward D tell me
what they want in their public schools.

As your public school board trustee, I will advocate for:

* full-day kindergarten

* more language programs, specifically French immersion for students in Ward D

* quality local community schools

One promise I will make is to hold a town hall meeting on what we want to see
in our public education system in Ward D and in Edmonton.

There’s lots to talk about and I’m committed to making that conversation happen.


There are nine Edmonton Public School Board Trustees who
oversee an annual operating budget of more than $1 billion.

Trustees have a duty to ensure people are getting good value for this public investment.

In Edmonton public schools there are:

Almost 100,000 students

More than 200 schools

More than 8,000 full-time staff

This all equals the need for responsible leadership and public accountability.