Like the City of Edmonton, wards within EPSB continue to grow. Since the last municipal election, Ward D has expanded to include neighbourhoods south of the river, including Strathcona, Garneau and Windsor Park. These neighbourhoods were formerly part of Ward F.

If re-elected, I look forward to getting to know these school communities and school councils which I believe have a lot in common with the school communities I have served the last four years. Though the river may divide us, there are similar issues facing schools within Ward D. For example, many of the schools within the Ward are the oldest in our city. Rutherford School, built in 1911 and Highlands School built in 1912 (but now opening with a significant renovation) are among the great dames of infrastructure within EPSB.

I also think of the smaller community schools like Gold Bar, Oliver and Windsor Park and how these small schools are the heart of the communities they serve. EPSB Trustees oversee a budget of about $1.2 billion dollars as well as vote on our annual capital plan. Since I have served as a Trustee, I have voted in favour of the capital plan as I believe it reflects the balance that’s needed to accommodate growth within the city as well as takes into account investment in our mature communities. Currently, a replacement school for Delton Elementary is the top ask on our capital plan, another example of a great community school, that is worthy of investment in the mature Ward D neighbourhood of Alberta Avenue.

Schools in Ward D include:

Abbott School – 12045 34 Street NW
Academy at King Edward – 8525 101 Street NW

Arygyll Centre – 6859 100 Avenue NW
Beacon Heights School – 4610 121 Avenue NW
Centre High Campus – 10050 MacDonald Drive NW
Delton School – 12126 89 Street NW
Eastglen School – 11430 68 Street NW
Forest Heights School – 10304 81 Street NW

Garneau School– 10925 87 Avenue NW
Gold Bar School – 10524 46 Street NW
Hardisty School – 10534 62 Street NW
Highlands School – 11509 62 Street NW
Ivor Dent School – 11010 32 Street NW

King Edward School – 8530 101 Street NW
McNally School – 8440 105 Avenue NW
Norwood School – 9520 111 Avenue NW

Old Scona – 10523 84 Avenue NW
Oliver School – 10227 118 Street NW
Riverdale School – 8901 101 Avenue NW
Rutherford School – 8620 91 Street NW
Virginia Park School – 7324 109 Avenue NW

Windsor Park School – 8720 118 Street NW