Why Trustees Matter

One of the challenges Trustee candidates face while campaigning is having to explain, quickly and succinctly, just what it is that school board trustees actually do. A more interesting question, in my mind, is actually why voting for a Trustee matters. Wrapping these two answers into one solid response is always my goal when I knock on doors.

Trustees for the Edmonton Public School Board:

  • Set the vision and direction for EPSB
  • Oversee a budget of $1.2 billion dollars
  • Represent families, students and community members and their interests in public education
  • Advocate for public education 

Kids matter. Communities Matter. Public Education Matters. 

– Trisha Estabrooks

And campaigning – oh yes, I love to campaign and I love to knock on doors. If you’re keen to get some steps in, sweat a bit, run some rubber down on your sneakers and meet some amazing Edmontonians (and maybe a parrot or two – more on that later) – get in touch. 

Why does voting for your school board Trustee matter?

  • We are elected to speak up on education issues that are important to kids and families in Edmonton.
  • We hold EPSB Administration accountable to the goals laid out in EPSB’s strategic plan (exciting priority for new Board of Trstees will be revamping this plan.)
  • The EPSB budget of approximately $1.2 billion is public money. These are your taxpayer dollars, and they need to be spent wisely, with clear accountability for transparency. 
  • Kids matter. Communities Matter. Public Education Matters. 

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