Thank you for your interest in Trisha Estabrooks. Here you can find out what not just what issues Trisha is focused on, but also why. Trisha is interested in your hopes and concerns for public education too. And if you want to support Trisha’s campaign, you can volunteer, donate, or request a free campaign sign.



What community-minded people say about Trisha Estabrooks


Ray Martin



Ray Martin, current EPSB Trustee Ward D: “As the outgoing Trustee for Ward D I feel confident knowing that a candidate like Trisha is in the race. She care about communities and she cares about schools. Having her on the Edmonton Public School board would be a win for Ward D and a win for Edmonton.” 

Kieran Leblanc



Kieran Leblanc, executive director Book Publishers Association of Alberta: It was nice to meet Trish at my door tonight – both my son and I will vote for Trish and have requested a sign. As a long, long time advocate for public education, I am happy to know that the children in Ward D have such a stellar candidate running to represent their best interests. Thank you, Trish, for taking on this most important job.

Dave Colburn


Dave Colburn, past Ward D Trustee:  “There are many reasons to support Trish for the Edmonton Public School Board. She is an active parent and we need the “parent perspective” in Board decisions. She worked at CBC and, as a result, has a broad understanding of issues and community. She has progressive values and is open to change. More importantly, she is capable of leading change. She comes from a political background (her dad was a member of the Nova Scotia legislature) and understands the responsibilities and realities of elected office. She is a woman and we need more women in positions of leadership. Trisha will be a leader on the Edmonton Public School Board.


Corrie Geertsen, Ward D parent:I’ve known Trisha since our children started kindergarten in 2013. Her love of and involvement at our kids’ school is only rivaled by her dedication to her community. I think she’d make a great trustee for Ward D as she’s an involved, in-touch parent who cares about our schools and our neighbourhood. She’s up-to-date on current events, informed about our school system and has a deep passion to ensure every child receives a quality, purposeful education.”

Julianne Gilchrist


Julianne Gilchrist, Ward D parent: “As a parent actively involved in her neighbourhood school, Trisha knows firsthand the joys and challenges facing educators, students, and families.  I believe that Trisha’s dedication to seeing schools thrive in mature neighbourhoods will give this district a strong voice on the school board.  She has her finger on the pulse of the local school; you will often find her lingering after school, chatting with teachers and other parents or volunteering for school events.  Perhaps most importantly, Trisha is warm and approachable, willing to listen and dialogue.”

Nicole Cooper, Ward D parent & small business owner: “Trisha Estabrooks is a charismatic, friendly, and vivacious individual with integrity, who tactfully asks questions that need to be asked, and is dedicated to achieving equal rights for all. This October, she will get my vote for school board trustee in Ward D.”

Jeff Bettger


Jeff Bettger, Ward D parent & small business owner: “When I heard that Trisha was running for the School Board Trustee I immediately thought that it would be a great fit.  She is such a well spoken individual, and I personally know that family and community are both very important to her.  She always has a smile on her face, is very easy to talk to and always open to a healthy debate.”


Jessica Wright

 Jessica Wright, Ward D parent: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trish through the parent advisory council at our children’s school. Trish has the ability to listen intently to a diverse community’s view points and offer her own to help build consensus and help the council in its efforts toward progress. Most importantly, I believe Trish cares about people, she cares about service and she cares about the issues facing students, families and Alberta school board employees living here in ward D. Trish is someone who is community minded, resilient and energetic and I trust that she will serve our community to the fullest of her ability as our school board trustee.”